Sexy Florida Gator, busy day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

According to my stats,  today is one of the busiest traffic days this blog’s experienced since I started it last year. (I guess I am doing something right …) Keep up the visits, everyone!

Okay, I got a few complaints about my last post that mentioned the Gators’ victory over LSU last night. Come on, everybody, it’s just football. And besides, how can you dislike a team with a pass receiver as sexy as Riley Cooper? I’ve posted his photo here. Just look at those arms!

The heat on the Gulf Coast today is unbearable. I tried doing a little work in the yard early this afternoon, but my shirt was soaked with sweat in less than fifteen minutes. Will summer never end? Normally, on a Sunday afternoon, the beach down the street from my home is packed with families enjoying the sunshine and the Gulf waters, but not today. It’s nearly deserted down there because the heat is so bad.

Riley Cooper #1Oh, and speaking of hot, here’s another photo of Riley Cooper when he was a high school senior. Cute, eh? What a smile.

During this past week a few readers have sent me comments asking when my next work of fiction will be published. I guess they’ve already consumed everything I have published so far, which is kind of nice to hear.

Okay, as noted in a recent post, Arsenal Pulp Press just published a new anthology titled I Like It Like That. It includes my story McGinty Chapel, which is shorter than most things I write, but a pretty good story just the same.

My novella, titled Maui, set in the Hawaiian Islands, will debut from Torquere Press in early December 2009. I wrote it during fall 2008, after I visited Maui to take surfing lessons and explore the island. I think Maui is one of the best pieces I have written to date. It’s romantic and sexy and emotionally moving. I’ll announce the exact publication date as soon as I know it.

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