Sexy surfer Kelly Slater; no waves in Cocoa Beach today …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well I drove to Florida’s east coast this afternoon, checked into the hotel, scuttled down to the shore, only to find the Atlantic flat as an ironing board. (Oh, no …) It’s okay, I took a three-mile run in the rain, now I’m ensconced in my hotel room, with the a/c running. It’s probably ninety degrees outside and very humid.

I spoke with a surfer I know who runs the beach rental concesssion behind my hotel and he said there should be good waves in the morning, so it’s early to bed for Martin tonight. A sunrise surfing session’s in order!

The guy whose photo I’ve posted here is named Kelly Slater. He is, hands down, the world’s greatest surfer, having won the world surfing championship NINE TIMES. He is also from Cocoa Beach, and I hear he’s a very nice guy. Isn’t he good-looking? (Sorry guys, he’s straight and has a girlfriend.)

Have a nice Thursday evening, all.

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