Sexy guy in briefs, windy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I just got back from a three-mile run, half of it running into the teeth of a cold, 15 MPH wind that has been blowing nonstop all day. It wasn’t fun. I think the only people on my island who like this type weather are the kite surfers, a bunch of  hot college guys who live in a house facing the Gulf, about a mile from me. They’re fun to watch for a variety of reasons.

Speaking of hot guys, does everyone like the photo I’ve posted here today? I sure do. Some guys look great in briefs, don’t they?

This blog’s been getting huge amounts of visits during the past several days. As mentioned earlier, the most popular posts are ones discussing gay skateboarders. It seems I’ve been “discovered” by the queer skater subculture. Again, if anyone knows of a yahoo group or some similar networking group for gay skateboarders, let me know and I’ll post the information on this blog for everyone to see.

The temperature’s dropping into the fifties tonight, the first cool weather we’ve had since late March. I’ve got a gas fireplace and I turned on the pilot light this afternoon. I’m having a guest for dinner, so I guess we’ll open the windows and have a fire burning while we dine. (Yeah, it’s how we do it in Florida.)

Have a nice Sunday evening, everyone.

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