Gay BMXer sounds off; beautiful weather in Florida …

Hi friends and readers:

Just when I thought the gay BMXers topic had run its course, I got bombarded with another spate of comments, some positive, some negative, from BMXers around the country. Same-old-same-old, I’m afraid: Do gay BMXers exist? If so, are they out? If so, are they accepted by the straight guys at the track. Or do some get beat up by homophobic BMXers?

My favorite of the day comes from Kyle in Riverside, CA, age twenty. He writes, “Yeah, I suck cock. So what? I have sixteen  trophies on a shelf in my room, all from BMX competitions in Southern California. No gay hater’s gonna chase ME off the track. I’d punch his lights out if he tried.”

Hm-m-m-m. Nice rant, Kyle.

The weather here in central Florida is beautiful today, a high of 74, sunny and dry. I think I’ll join my neighbors for a nice sunset tonight.

One of my publishers, Torquere Press, sent me edits on my novella, Maui, and it looks like it’s scheduled for release in mid-to-late November. I’ll be working on final revisions with my editor over the next ten days or so.

I’ll let everyone know when Maui is coming out, once I know an exact date.

Have a great Monday, all.

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