Beautiful Florida morning; nice French film …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s a beautiful morning here on the island. The temperatre’s around 75, it’s sunny and dry with a breeze. This is why I love Florida in the fall. The a/c is turned off, the windows are open, and I can smell the Gulf Of Mexico’s briny scent. Perfect!

A friend invited me to watch a DVD with him last night, a French film titled The Chorus, released in 2004. It’s about a middle-aged music composer who has failed at his occupation. He takes a job as a teacher at a boys’ reformatory where the kids are hostile and uncooperative, but he slowly earns their trust, primarily by forming a chorus and teaching his students to sing. Set in 1949 France, it’s beautifully filmed and acted. The main character, the teacher (Who the kids nickname “Chrome Dome” because he suffers from pattern baldness.), is played by Gerard Jugnot and he does a great job. One of the boys in the reformatory, who turns out to have a beautiful singing voice, is played by a very handsome young actor named Jean-Baptiste Maunier. He was fourteen when the film was made, but now he’s nineteen and a heartthrob for French girls. I’ve posted his picture here.

Anyway, if you don’t mind reading subtitles (I don’t mind it at all.) I think you’ll enjoy The Chorus.

Have a nice Tuesday, all.

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