Nice watercolor; beautiful morning …

Hi, friends and readers:

I came across this watercolor a few days back and I really like it. I’m a guitarist myself, and normally I don’t like artworks depicting someone playing a guitar, they are usually poorly done. But I think this is a nice piece. The young man’s handsome, the lighting is perfect, and there is just the right amount of detail.

I had dinner with friends in the city last night and drank more wine than I should have. Then I had to get up early this morning because a tree trimming company came to work on all the trees on my property. As I write this, a very cute guy, bare-chested with his ball cap turned backward, wearing saggy jeans, is standing outside my window, catching tree limbs as they are sawed off and dropped.  (I know, I should act my age.)

Ah, the sound of chain saws growling …

Okay, I’m a bit hungover (Am I back in Berlin?) but it’s a beautiful day here on the island — sunny, breezy and a bit cooler than yesterday. I LOVE Florida in the fall.

I’ve got some serious work to do on my latest story, so I’ll wish you all well. Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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