Naked hottie on a sofa; blog stats surging …

Hi, friends and readers:

Here’s what every household needs: a sofa with a cute naked guy resting on it. Where can you buy such things? Rooms To Go?

The number of views on this blog today are as high as they have ever been. Do my incisive comments about my ultra-interesting life draw viewers’  interest? Or is it the nice photographs I post? Hm-m-m-m, I wonder …

A reader named Rick in San Diego sent me a nice comment this afternoon, complimenting me on my story, Fuck Me … Please,  published in a  Torquere Press anthology titled Bend Over, Big Boy.  If anyone’s interested in buying the anthology, here’s the link:

Thanks for the kind words, Rick.

I had a nice workout at the YMCA, now I’m home and friends are taking me to a popular gay bar in town, for happy hour. Cool-cool.

Have a nice Friday night, all.

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