Sexy Florida Gator, naked on the bed …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I’m a University of Florida graduate. I majored in journalism there.

A young man named Connor who follows this blog, and is a current UF student,  sent me the photo I’ve posted here today. The guy in the picture is one of Connor’s roommates in an off-campus apartment. His name is Wade, and that’s a Gator ballcap he’s wearing.  In fact, it seems to be  the only thing he’s wearing. Now, if Wade were my roommate, I doubt I’d get much studying done, not with him lying about the apartment in his birthday suit. Yumm-eee!

Thanks for the photo, Connor!

It looks like we’re headed for another heavy traffic day on the blog. It’s not yet eleven A.M. and already I’ve had more visits than a typical day. It seems there is growing interest in my posts, which I think is pretty cool.

Oh, today is my birthday. I’ll spend it quietly — writing, then visiting the YMCA. Friends are taking me out for drinks at a gay bar early this evening and, who knows? Maybe Wade will be there …

Have a great Friday, all.

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