Lazy Tuesday, comment from two gay college wrestlers …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, you can call me lazy, but I slept late today. After all the birthday partying this past weekend I needed a little extra rest. After I got up, I walked outside to get the newspaper and … YUCK. It’s hot and muggy outside and the weatherman says our high temperature today will near ninety degrees. In the last week of October? Give us a break!

This morning I received an interesting comment from two members of a university wrestling team in Ohio. In their comment they called themselves “Kyle” and “Eric” but they admit these are not their real names. (And that is not them in the photo I’ve posted.) They became lovers during their freshman year at school. Both are on athletic scholarships and they say, “We have to be very careful about the fact we are gay. If our coaches or team members found out, we would probably lose our scholarships, which is something neither of us can afford.”

Kyle and Eric go on to say, “Ours is a great sport full of good people, but when it comes to accepting gay athletes, wrestlers are very intolerant.”

Thanks for writing, guys. I’m sorry about the intolerance you’ve encountered, but I’m happy you found each other.

Okay, I’ve got a lot of writing to do today, so I’ll sign off.  Have a nice Tuesday, all.

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