Handsome young man; nice dinner party

Hi, friends and readers:

Someone recently asked me, “How do you choose the photos you post on your blog?”

H-m-m-m. I’m not sure. People send me pictures, like the one I’ve posted here today, and sometimes they’ll make me smile or they’ll make my pulse quicken. I’m not crazy about posed, perfect-guy pictures. I prefer guys one might see on the street or the beach, like this guy here.

Today’s a busy day for me: writing, gym, packing for an overnight trip tomorrow. I’ll visit the University of Florida to see a friend, and take a three-mile run through campus, to reminisce.

I hosted a dinner party last night for several friends. We ate the fish a friend and I caught at my fishing camp last weekend. I have a marinade recipe I used and the fish came out really good. Plenty of wine, beer, corn on the cob and cole slaw. It was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. And my guests helped me clean up. What more could I ask?

It’s a beautiful day outside, warm and breezy, but not too warm. Perfect for taking a walk on the beach.

Enjoy your Wednesday, all.

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