Beautiful guy, beautiful Saturday …

Hi friends and readers:

Does everyone like the photo I’ve posted here? What a beautiful young man. Anyone know who he is? Anyone have his phone number?

It’s a beautiful day here on the island, breezy and sunny and not too warm. Yesterday I planted my winter flowers and herbs. (I know, those of you from cold weather climates must be thinking, “Huh?” But here in Florida, we don’t plant until the summer heat has finally left us.) It took about three hours because all the soil in my pots had to be emptied and mixed with fresh potting soil to encourage growth with the new plants. I actually enjoyed the whole process. It’s so nice outside now that yard work’s a pleasure. So, now I’ve got two kinds of basil growing, plus thyme, rosemary, oregano, and two breeds of tomatoes. I have some new houseplants, and eighteen pots of red impatiens. In a month they’ll all be beautiful.

Yesterday I received my contributor’s copy of a STARbooks anthology titled Sextime: Erotic Stories Of Time Travel. The cover art’s pretty cool. My story’s titled Dr. Fungo’s Amazing Time Machine. Here’s a link to where you can buy it:

Dr. Fungo is funny, sad and, I think, pretty sexy.  You might want to give it a read. Have a great Saturday, all.

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