Lousy weather; no surfing for Martin today …

Hi, friends and readers:

I was planning on traveling to Florida’s East Coast today, to spend a couple of days surfing in Brevard County. But, alas, the weather has turned windy and cool and overcast — lousy conditions for surfing. The surf forecast says things will improve next Monday, so I think I’ll postpone my trip until Sunday.

Speaking of surfing, earlier this week I received a nice comment from two Southern California surfers, Cody and Bryan, both high school seniors and best friends. Cody is gay, Bryan is straight. They thanked me for the posts I’ve made on gays in the surfing subculture. “There aren’t a lot of us,” Cody said, “but more than you might think. I’m out to my posse and no one’s hated on me yet.” Bryan adds, “Not all surfers are homophobic. Cody’s my bro and always will be.”

Pretty cool, eh?

Okay, have a nice Thursday, all.

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