Homophobic skater rant; good weather’s back …

Hi, friends and readers:

Oh, great … This morning I flicked on the PC and there was a lengthy comment from a skater named Todd in Atlanta. It seems Todd stumbled upon my blog while surfing the Internet yesterday, and he finds my posts on gay skateboarders “pure garbage.” According to Todd, (age nineteen and oh-so-worldly) he has “been skating since I was 11 and I’ve NEVER met a fag on a skateboard. If a fudge packer like you or the faggots who send you comments showed up at MY skatepark, me and my grinder buds would kick his f**cking teeth in. So, f**k you, Martin.”

Aye-yi-yi. I think that boy’s got some anger issues.

On a brighter note, the gray skies and gusty winds have left us and it’s sunny and still on the island this morning. The temperature’s around seventy degrees F. Beautiful weather.

Today will be a busy day for me. I’m putting the finishing touches on a story for a Cleis Press anthology. The working title for my piece is Dream Boy. It’s a complicated tale, and it’s taken me nearly a month to finish, but that’s okay. The publication date’s not until spring 2010, but I’ll announce it on this blog when the anthology goes on sale.

This afternoon I’ll hit the YMCA, then I’m having dinner with a friend. I’ve rented an interesting Netflix movie, a Canadian film called Whole New Thing. I’ll watch it with a neighbor this evening. If it’s good, I’ll let everyone know in tomorrow’s post.

Have a nice Friday, all.

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