Time to surf; beautiful night in Brevard County …

Hi, friends and readers:

I arrived in Brevard County around three-thirty this afternoon. Alas, I couldn’t get a room at my usual hotel, right next to the surfing pier. A space launch is going off tomorrow and half the world is visiting Cocoa Beach to watch it. Now, when I want to surf, I must strap my board on my car, drive to a break, pay parking fees, etc. (I know, I should quit griping, I am lucky just to be here today it’s so beautiful.)

By the time I got a room and got settled, I barely had time to surf, but I caught a few rides at a place called Cherie Down Park in north Cape Canaveral. I wore a wetsuit and the air temperature was nice, the wind was minimal and things were very pretty. I met a nice surfer in the parking lot, a guy about thirty years old and very handsome. We had a pleasant chat; he’s a local named Sean. There are so many hot guys over here and most are quite friendly.

So, I’m housed at the La Quinta Inn for two days. I’ll hit the water in the morning, come back to the room for some writing and editing, then go back out in the afternoon. The surf’s pretty good — shoulder high and glassy. Fun-fun!

Does everyone like the photo I’ve posted here? What a spectacular behind. What legs. If he’s Number Eighty-three, what does Number One look like?

The sunset here tonight was gorgeous. The air temperature’s around 70 now, very nice. I believe I’ll drink a few glasses of wine, then stroll to a Japanese/Thai restaurant down the street. With the space launch tomorrow, A-1-A’s crammed with traffic, so who wants to drive? Ah-h-h, Brevard County …

Enjoy your Sunday evening, all.

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