The frustrations of surfing …

Hi, friends and readers:

Last time I came over to Brevard County there was NO surf. Well, this morning there was plenty of surf, but the water was mobbed with surfers: old guys like me on longboards, young guys on shortboards. The waves were pretty good but so many guys were trying to catch them that it made things too complicated. Also, for some reason, my balance this morning was poor. I think it’s due to my lack of practice; I’ve only surfed four or five times this year and surfing’s like any other sport — if you don’t do it too often, you get rusty.

Okay, well I’m back in my room having some lunch, then later today I’ll visit another surfing break that won’t be as crowded as the Pier was this morning.

The weather today in Brevard County is really nice – about 78 degrees F, sunny with a light breeze. The Shuttle launch goes off around two P.M., I believe, but I don’t think I’ll watch it. Too much traffic.

Does everyone like the photo I’ve posted here. Cute guy, eh? His facial expression sort of matches my mood after this morning’s session. (All right, Martin, stop griping and get some work done.)

Bye, all …

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