Back to the Gulf Coast …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m up early, already had my complimentary breakfast in the hotel lobby where the TV droned on about last night’s NFL game. (I mean, who cares?) The hotel offered free USA Today newspapers. I perused one while I dined and, honestly, the publication is pure garbage. Does anyone actually pay money to read that rag?

I guess I am out of touch with mainstream U. S. culture, I don’t know. But I don’t see why a large hunk of the newspaper should be devoted to the new Twilight movie. (Aye-yi-yi …) I understand that this movie series is popular with pre-teen girls because it stars two pretty boys, Robert (Somebody) and (Somebody) Lautner. Okay, the two guys look pretty hot, but is there any substance to these films? I think not.

Does everyone like the photo I’ve posted here this morning? What beautiful skin and hair. What sort of thoughts do you think are on the young man’s mind?

In a few minutes I’ll strap my surfboard to the roof racks on my car, then it’s off to the Gulf Coast. It’s warm and humid in central Florida today; it feels more like September than mid-November. But the sun is shining and I’m free to do whatever I choose today. What more could I ask for?

Have a good Tuesday, all.

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