Shirt coming off? Busy day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

Isn’t the photo I’ve posted here nice? Guys like hm should never wear shirts, I think.

This blog’s getting heavy traffic today; people are hitting on a variety of posts, everything from gay skaters, to naked guys on rafts, and naked guys on sofas.

This afternoon a gay skateboarder, Nate, from Salt Lake City, sent me a comment. He’s seventeen, his family is Mormon and he says they would not accept his being gay if he told them. But he’s told his two best friends, also skaters who happen to be straight, and they are fine with it. Pretty cool, eh?

Nate asks, “If my friends can accept me being gay, why can’t my family?” H-m-m-m. Wish I had an answer for that one, Nate.

I got another royalty check today, for my story titled McGinty Chapel. It appears in a Canadian anthology titled I Like It Like That, and it’s loosely based on a summer camp experience I had as a teenager. (Ancient history, I know…) Here’s a link if you’re interested in buying the book:

I Like It Like That is only available in print format. It’s edited by Richard Labonte’, who’s one of the best in the business.

Well, I’m off to have dinner in town with friends. Have a nice Wednesday evening, everyone.

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