Gay skateboarder posts drawing a crowd …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday this blog drew a huge number of visits and by far the most popular posts were those discussing gay boys and men who participate in the skateboarding subculture. Why is that? Here’s what I think:

(1) There’s a small subset of skaters who are both gay and  seriously committed to their sport. Because the skateboarding subculture tends to be homophobic, most of these guys are not out to their fellow grinders and they feel oppressed. This blog gives them a place to vent their frustration and to hear about other gay skaters’ experiences.

(2) Many gay boys and men find themselves attracted to skaters because skaters, like queer guys, tend to be outsiders and nonconformists. So gay boys/men like to read about gay skaters.

(3) Homophobic skaters (There are many, but not all skaters hate queers.) get some sort of thrill out of reading my posts and then sending me angry comments filled with threats and profanity. (Really, you would not believe the stuff I receive.)

In any case, this blog seems to be serving a purpose for the skateboarding community, so I’ll keep posting on the topic of queer skaters.

It’s another beautiful day here on the island: quiet, sunny and cool. I’ve got a busy writing day ahead, so I’ll sign off now. Have a nice Thursday, all.

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