Cool Saturday, hot young man …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photo I’ve posted here this morning? I sure do. I need a young man like him around my house. He could help with household chores, work in the yard, accompany me to the supermarket — those sorts of things, and more. Any volunteers out there?

I received a nice comment last night from a gay skateboarder, age fifteen, who just came out to his family and friends. His name is Kyle and he’s from Oregon. He says, “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, telling people. But now I feel more free than I ever have before. My skating buddies were cool with it, which was a nice surprise.”

Congratulations, Kyle. I’m proud of you.

It’s a beautiful day out here on the island: cool and sunny with the lightest of breezes. I have nothing planned, other than working on my Cassadaga story and taking a three-mile run this afternoon, and that’s fine. Lately I’ve been doing too much running around. I need to give my poor Honda Element a rest.

I’ve got some big news coming for my those of you who like reading my fiction. More on that later today or perhaps tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday, all.

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