Young lovers, aren’t they cute?

Hi, friends and readers:

Don’t you think the photo I’ve posted here is cute? I understand these two lovers are named Brad and Bryan. They are open to family and friends about their relationship and they’re very affectionate toward each other.

Thanks for the pic, guys. I love the tongue action ….

It’s been a beautiful day here on the island. I just returned from a three-mile run and I barely broke a sweat it’s so cool and dry, perfect running weather.

In about twenty minutes my neighbor and I will takes drinks to the beach and watch sunset, one of my favorite parts of the day. I feel so lucky to live where I do.

Okay, all you guys out there with lovers/partners/boyfriends. Here’s your chance to appear on the blog for all my readers and friends to see. Send me your most romantic pic and maybe I’ll post it.

Have a nice Sunday evening, all.

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