Shirtless and sexy young man …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys are meant to walk about shirtless, so the rest of us can admire them. The fellow in the photo I’ve posted here is one of them. What a sexy young man …

I’m feeling a bit grumpy this afternoon ’cause the pool at the YMCA was closed today. A pump failed and the water would not circulate, so I never got wet. (G-r-r-r …) Swimming laps is my favorite part of my workout. Why me? (Okay, I’ll quit griping now; but I needed to vent.)

I bought fresh flounder filets to serve a relative for dinner tonight. I have a great recipe using fresh mushrooms, lemon rind and a white sauce. Yummy! The weather here’s still overcast and cool, but it sure beats the weather in Chicago.

I received a nice comment from a reader in Ft. Wayne,  Indiana, complimenting my story titled (no kidding) Fuck Me … Please. It’s included in a Torquere Press anthology titled Bend Over, Big Boy. It’s the best-selling anthology Torquere’s ever published. The reader wrote, “The sex is hot, the characters interesting. I found it a completely believable piece of fiction. Congratulations on a fine piece of writing.”

(I love compliments.) If you are interested in reading the anthology, here’s a link to the publishing house:

Okay, have a nice Monday evening, all.

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