Crush on a quarterback?

Hi, friends and readers:

When you were in high school, did you ever have a crush on your football team’s quarterback? I sure did, and I got to spend a summer afternoon with him, surfing a break near my home while his girlfriend and my sister went shopping. (I plan to write a story about that experience one day.)

Anyway, I think the photo I’ve posted here today is exquisite. I wonder who the photographer is? And who the model is? Anyone know? The expression on the young man’s face, and his exquisite abs, make the picture special. Don’t you agree?

Which leads me to a subject I have not discussed on this blog before: gay football players. I didn’t play in high school, other than pickup games with my buds, but I’ve met a fair number of gay men in my life who did play for their high schools and/or colleges. All were closeted at the time they competed, but I wonder if that’s the case with today’s gay football players? Anyone care to comment?

Today’s a writing day for me. My Cassadaga story’s developing well. I think it may become a novella. There’s too much happening to keep it at short story length. We’ll see. I like it when a story starts taking off this way.

Outside, the temperatur’e around 75 degrees F and the sky is slightly overcast. Not bad …

Have a nice Tuesday, all.

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