Gay surfer sounds off; blog’s busy today …

Hi, friends and readers:

I haven’t heard much from the gay surfing community lately. Their comments tend to come in waves. (He-he. Get it? Waves? Okay, my sense of humor’s lacking.)

This morning I received a comment from a young man who wouldn’t state his name. He’s from a coastal town in North Carolina, a high school junior, age sixteen. He’s gay, completely in the closet, and reluctant to let anyone know about his sexual orientation because, “I’m afraid I’d lose my family’s love and my friends would all desert me.”

The young man also said, “I really enjoyed reading all your posts on gay surfers and skaters. I have surfed since I was nine, and I’m pretty good. This year I surfed in the ESA Easterns competition, here in North Carolina. Surfers from all over the eastern U. S. competed. I placed in the top ten in the Junior Men’s division. So, don’t let anyone tell you gay guys can’t surf. I just wish surfers were more understanding about what it’s like to be gay.”

Nice comment, my friend.

This blog’s getting heavy traffic today, I’m not sure why. But I’ve seen a huge surge in visits during the past two weeks. The posts with pictures of two guys kissing are quite popular, as are posts on gay skateboarders and BMXers.

I’m hard at work on my Cassadaga piece; I got a lot done yesterday, with plans to put in a few hours today. Outside, the weather’s turned muggy, so I’m running my air conditioning. Two weeks before Christmas!

Have a nice Wednesday, all.

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