Sexy guy on a mattress; chilly night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photo I’ve posted here this evening? I sure do. How’d you like to wake up next to him in the morning? (I might never get out of bed.)

Well, our community’s bonfire party on the beach will take place tonight, after getting rained out last night. I guess I’ll go but it’s cold out there tonight and there’s a stiff breeze blowing from the east. I’ll just  bundle up. B-r-r-r ….

The Netflix movie I’ll watch tonight is called Wild Tigers I Have Known. It sounds interesting. The main character is a gay high school student who falls in love the most popular boy in school, a guy who’s (Oh,no!) straight. I’ll let you know if I like it.

Right now, it’s time to open a beer, review my e-mails (I received a slew of them today.) and think about getting dinner going. I just turned on my heat for the first time since last March. Now it’s starting to feel like Christmas.

I also received a few more comments from gay surfers and from a straight surfer, encouraging the young man from North Carolina (See December 9, 2009 post.) to keep on surfing and ignore the homophobic attitude some surfers exhibit. The straight guy said, “If he placed in the top ten at the ESA Easterns he must shred pretty tough. With that kind of talent he’d be a fool to stop surfing. Tell him I said, ‘Don’t quit man. Keep on shredding.'”

Enjoy your Friday evening, all.

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