Hot guy with red bandanna; contest with prizes on the blog today; wake up readers …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, since it’s the holiday season and I am feeling generous, I’m running a promotional contest here today. The first reader to answer one of the questions below will receive the prize specified. Get busy, folks!

In my story, Passion Play, published in January 2009 by Torquere Press, what is the name of Reverend Bob’s lover? First person with the right answer gets a free copy of my novella, Maui.

In my novella, Maui, published by Torquere Press in November 2009, Ishmael’s boyfriend, Spencer, belongs to a church in Lahaina. What’s the name of the church? First person with the right answer wins a free copy of my story, Passion Play.

In my story, Sebastian Inlet, included in the Surfer Boys anthology published in spring 2009 by Cleis Press, the main characters, Tate and Grover, meet at a Brevard County restaurant for a dinner date. What’s the name of the restaurant? The winner gets a free copy of my novella, Maui.

In my story, Daddy Lover, included in the Daddies anthology published in 2009 by Cleis Press, Bradley begins his college education in Miami, but then he transfers to another school. Which one? The winner gets a free copy of the Bend Over, Big Boy anthology published during 2008 by Torquere Press. My story, Fuck Me … Please appears in the anthology.

This contest will continue until all the prizes have been won. Submit your answers as comments on this blog and include an e-mail address where I can send you your prize. All prizes are in e-book, Adobe Acrobat format.

Good luck, everyone.

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