Beautiful boy, beautiful Tuesday …

Hi, friends and readers:

What’s more beautiful than a Florida morning in late fall? A lovely young man removing his clothes, I guess.

The boy in the photo I’ve posted here today is exactly the kind of guy I routinely fell for in high school and college. I guess they are still making them today.

Thanks to Eric in Minneapolis for sending me today’s photo, and thanks to all the other guys who send me pics on a regular basis.

We had perfect weather yesterday and it’s the same today, and last night I made plans to travel to the East Coast to surf this afternoon and Wednesday. But this morning the surf reports from Brevard County say the winds will increase to 20 MPH late this afternoon, which will ruin surfing tomorrow. A cold front’s coming into Florida, I guess. (G-r-r-r …)

So, I guess I’ll stay home and work on my writing, maybe do some yard work and savor this lovely day.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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