In praise of Jake Gyllenhaal …

Hi, friends and readers:

Is there a more beautiful man in the world than Jake Gyllenhaal?


Face it, the guy is gorgeous and, according to everything I’ve ever heard he is a total sweetie. I read an interview with Jake, published at the time Brokeback Mountain released. In it he said his godparents were a gay couple, two men he loved and respected.

I think that’s uber cool.

I made good progress on the Cassadaga piece this morning. I’m excited about the way it’s turning out, and I already have a publisher in mind for the story. After I finished writing, I ran a gazillion errands, including buying food and wine for the Christmas Eve party at my place. It’ll be nice spending the evening with manyof the folks I’m closest to.

One of my best friends from Germany, who I spent much time with this summer, is calling me at six P.M. tonight, right after I return home from watching sunset, and that’ll be nice, too. We have not spoken much since I got back from Germany and it’ll be good to hear his voice.

I took a three-mile run around four P.M. and conditions were perfect: cool and sunny with only a light breeze blowing. I barely broke a sweat. I love this kind of weather.

Have a nice Tuesday evening, all.

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