Another overcast day; dude, where’s my Florida sunshine?

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photo I’ve posted here today? Okay, the lighting’s not the best, the resolution’s grainy, but aren’t those dinosaur undies cute? And check out the bandage on his leg. Do you think his boyfriend kissed the boo-boo when he smoothed the bandage? (I hope so.) I need a young man like that in my kitchen, making my breakfast in the morning.

“Paolo, are my eggs and toast ready?”

“No, Martin, sorry”

“Screw breakfast, boyfriend. Let’s go back to bed.”

I don’t understand what’s going on with Central Florida’s weather right now. It’s overcast and cool again this morning. Where’s my sunshine? I’ve decided to visit the supermarket this afternoon, to buy ingredients for a new, three-bean chili recipe I found recently. Maybe it’ll brighten my day.

I have no plans other than the supermarket. I’ll just do a little writing, take a run, have my neighbors over for a drink around five. A lazy day for Martin.

I received a nice comment from a reader in Spokane, Washington, complimenting my novella, Maui. He said he cried more than once while reading it. (A lot of people have said that. I guess it tugs at some readers’ heart strings.) If you have not read it, and you like male/male romance and erotica, maybe you should give it a try. Here’s the publisher’s link:

Okay, time for Martin to get to work. Have a nice Sunday, all.

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