Beautiful guy with ripped abs; crazy holiday traffic …

Hi, friends and readers:

Boy was the weather nice today: a high of around 75, sunny and still. I had a productive day, with a good workout at the YMCA. Now it’s time to kick back with a beer and do a little editing on my Cassadaga piece. (Yeah, I know it seems like I’ve been working on it for months, but honestly, it’s drawing near to its ending.)

A family member’s sick with bronchitis right now and I had to take her to the doctor this afternoon. By the time I got home it was past 6:30 PM and I decided to cancel dinner with my friends in town. It was already late and the traffic on the beaches and in the city is insane. I guess our winter tourists have arrived. Aye-yi-yi.

I received several very nice comments this afternoon from folks who read my fiction and others who simply follow this blog, among them a few gay skateboarders and a gay BMXer. One guy said, “I check your blog every morning before I go to work, then again before I go to bed at night. Thanks for giving gay skaters a voice. And thanks for the photos of hot guys. Keep `em coming.”

I thought that was kind of sweet. It’s nice to know that the time I spend on posting here isn’t wasted, that the photos and the comments I include are appreciated.

Have a nice Wednesday evening, all.

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