A cute boy gets his bottom strapped; spanking story continues to sell briskly …

Hi, friends and readers:

I just received another royalty payment from Noble Romance Publishing for my short story, Serving Lisa. It’s included in a four-story anthology Noble published back in April 2009, titled Spank Me Once. 

It’s funny, a fiction writer, especially one who authors romance and erotica, never quite knows which stories will do well and which will not. Publishing’s very unpredictable. But I’m sure glad Spank Me Once is doing so well.

If you are interested in reading this anthology, here’s a link to the Noble Romance website:


Do you like the photograph I’ve posted this evening? What a nice behind on the boy. Do you think he’s enjoying the spanking? I’d say … no. 

A had a fine workout at the YMCA this afternoon, the pool was nearly deserted and I got my own lap lane. (Yes-s-s-s) I ran some errands and now I’m back on the island. It’s cold and windy — a perfect night to stay home and do some reading.

Enjoy your Friday night, all.

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