Beautiful naked guy, perfect day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m getting a late start today. I was up till the wee hours this morning, working on a writing project, then chatting with a friend in Toronto who I plan to visit, once the weather warms up.

Does everyone like the photo I have posted here? I think it’s incredibly sexy and beautiful. I wonder where the young man lives and what his name is? When I was 22, my boyfriend was a fine arts major whose work focused on photography, and I let him photograph me naked for a school project.

This was long ago, before the Internet existed, but I wonder if any of those photographs are still floating around?

The weather here is perfect today: sunny, dry and still. The temperature’s around 73 degrees F. Such a change from all the cold stuff we’ve dealt with the past two weeks.

I’m off to the YMCA in a few minutes, so I will sign off. Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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