A naked guy in the garden …

Hi, friends and readers:

Imagine walking out your back door and into your garden, only to find a naked young man with a beautiful behind, waiting for you there. What would you say to him? What would you do with him? Hmmm ….

It’s cold outside this morning; I guess I’ll stay inside and write. Today’s also a house cleaning day for me, so I’ll stay busy. (Exciting stuff, eh?)

I spoke on the phone with my friend in Toronto and we decided I would pay him a visit in a few weeks. Can someone lend me a warm winter coat? Maybe some nice, leather gloves as well? I have never been to Toronto, but I’m told it’s a clean, beautiful city, with lots of cultural offerings and a great night life. So, I’m kind of excited about making the trip.

I received a nice comment from a guy named Justin, a community college student from Maui. He just read my novella, Maui, and he said he really enjoyed it. “It was fun reading a story set in places that I know so well. The story was sexy, too.”

Thanks, Justin.

Have a nice Saturday, all.

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