Sexy, shirtless guy, cold night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, the day started out sunny and fairly warm (around 70 degrees F), but when I returned to the island around 4:30 PM, after my YMCA workout, the island was getting foggy and the teemperature had dropped to below 60 degrees F. Oh, no, winter is back!

Now, I know just what I need to keep warm tonight. The young man in the photo I’ve posted would serve the purpose perfectly, I think. I wonder where he lives and what his name is? Cute, eh? I like his plaid boxers, don’t you?

I received a comment today from a reader in California who said my story, Passion Play, made him uncomfortable. Well, it’s supposed to, my friends. Published by Torquere Press in January 2009, the story explores the world of S & M, as practiced by a pair of Methodist ministers and certain youthful parishioners. Don’t read it if you are squeamish, but if you’re curious about BDSM, give it read. Here’s the link:

Right now, I going to open a beer and do some editing on a full-length novel I’m getting ready to shop around to literary agents. It’s be a quiet night for me, and an early bedtime, I’m sure.

All right, everyone, enjoy your Monday evening.

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