Beautiful guy, beautiful Tuesday, busy day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s not often a photograph steals my breath, but this one did the minute I saw it. What a beautiful young man: pretty skin and hair, pretty eyes, nice bone structure in his face. Definitely boyfriend material. I wonder where he lives and what his name is?

It’s a beautiful day here on the island — sunny, cool and dry, with no wind. The temperature’s around seventy degrees F. I’ve got housepainting chores to do today, so my writing’s taking a hiatus. I promised myself, last fall, that I’d get this work done during the cool months, so it’s time to get busy. I actually don’t mind painting. I turn on the sound system and do some in depth thinking while I sand and caulk, prime and paint. Hey, it still beats going to work, in my book anyway.

The blog’s busy this morning. Comments on Love Quest and Maui  from readers, comments from a gay skaterboarders and a gay kitesurfer (that’s a new one) and one rant from a college wrestler in Oklahoma who says “I seriously doubt the existence of gay college wrestlers. If there are any, there are not many. It’s just too tough a sport.”

Oh, really? Why would he assume that a gay college student couldn’t be “tough?” I’ve known plenty of gay athletes in my time, in every sport. Straight guys don’t have the corner on toughness, believe me.

Okay, everybody, enjoy your Tuesday.

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