Gay skateboarders and straight skateboarders sound off; ultra-busy day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

Was yesterday the skater community’s official “Send Martin A Comment Day”?

Chad a gay skater who attends the University of Toronto, wrote to say that he personally knows four guys who visit his park regularly who are openly gay. “That makes five, including me. Really, Martin, no one cares. No one’s ever been rude or insulting to me or the other four guys.”

Daniel, from Tucson, AZ, says, “Faggots are not welcome at my skatepark or anyplace else me and my friends skate. But I don’t think many faggots skate anyway. These dudes that send messages to your blog are probably not even skaters. Just faggots posing as skaters.”

Aaron, from Baton Rouge, LA, a gay high school student says, “I’m a dedicated skater. I grind every day. But I have not told any of my skater friends I am gay. I think you have to be real careful about that, especially if you visit a skatepark regularly ’cause once you’re out and people know, you might catch some crap from certain people who are prejudiced.”

Well, I suppose this debate will never end, will it? Here’s what I think, based upon the many comments I’ve received since last summer: There is a small percentage of the skater community that’s gay. I’m talking hardcore skaters. Depending on the town or city, some don’t hesitate to let their skater friends know they are gay. In some places that would not be a wise thing to do. Some areas of the country are more homophobic than others. But do gay skaters exist? Um, yeah,  lots of them, my friends.

To all you homphobic skaters, I say: Instead of hating on some guy because he’s queer, why not work on your treflip instead? Why do you care who he has sex with?

Okay rant over.

Update: The blog’s been mobbed all day. Gay skaters are everywhere, I guess. Keep grinding, guys.

Have a nice Wednesday, all.

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