Blog stats exploding; what’s going on?

Hi, friends and readers:

I just arrived home after visiting the YMCA and running a half-dozen errands. I flicked on my PC and checked my blog stats and … WHOA! Today will be one of the busiest days my blog has experienced since it began. I wonder why? Normally Mondays are slow days in terms of visits by people to the blog, so there must be something going on.

It’s a pretty evening here on the island, crisp and sunny with not too much wind.  I’m not sure if I’ll watch sunset or not, depends on how cold it is forty-five minutes from now.

I received several nice comments from readers who’ve finished Love Quest and all said they enjoyed the book quite a bit. One said, “I felt so bad for Jamie at the beginning of the story, he endured so much abuse and pain. But I cheered him on in the end when he triumphed over his adversities. What a great story.”

Ah-h-h, I love it when someone enjoys something I’ve written and takes the time to say so. This evening I’ll do a bit of editing on the mainstream novel I am trying to market to a literary agent.

Enjoy your Monday evening, all.

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