David Archuleta’s cute; another sunny day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Someone sent me this photo and I think the guy’s pretty cute. What do you think? His name is David Archuleta, and it seems he is a pop music singer; the teenage girls love him, and I can see why. I’d never heard of him before. Anyway, thanks for the photo, Steven.

Last night I walked to the beach to watch sunset with my neighbors and it was so pretty, full of pinks, golds, greens and reds. The air was cool, but I was comfortable in a sweat shirt, and it was nice, drinking a beer and chatting with my friends. I have such nice neighbors.

Now it’s another beautiful, sunny day on the island, with a light breeze and a temperature around 72 degrees F. I’m making progress on my Maine story, and this afternoon I’ll visit the YMCA. Afterward, I’ll hit the booze market for beer and wine for the weekend.

Someone just wrote me and asked where he could purchase a copy of my latest book, Love Quest. And I’m sure I posted the link to Noble Romance Publishing before, but here it is again:


So far, Love Quest seems to be selling well and people seem to like it. There are some very explicit and rough sex scenes in the early part of the book as the main character, Jamie Bliss, endures a pair of abusive relationships. But there’s romance in the book as well, so you may want to give it a read.

Enjoy your Friday, all.

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