“The Screw Driver Boy”. Crappy weather, never-ending painting project; psycho Archuleta fans are stalking me …

Hi, friends and readers:

See the young man in today’s photo post. On the Internet, he’s known as “The Screw Driver Boy” because he has posted photos of himself inserting a screw driver handle into his … ahem. Well, you know.

I spent all afternoon caulking and painting my half-bathroom. How could such a small space require so much work? By five P.M. I was ready to go CRAZY. Will this project ever end? I still have to paint my bedroom, and that will take many, many hours. Help!

The weather here tonight is awful: foggy and damp and drizzly, like something out a Dracula movie. I guess I’ll stay home tonight and watch a movie or read. I have a pot of three-bean chili bubbling on the stovetop. (Yum-m-m …)

Okay, all you David Archuleta fans. If I promise to never post another picture of Archuleta on this blog will you leave me alone? Jeez, this guy’s just a singer, not a saint. Lighten up! Again, I know nothing about this guy’s private life or if he has a boyfriend or a girlfriend or anything else of that nature.

I just cracked open a beer and I’m ready to answer e-mails. Thanks again to all you folks who wrote to me yesterday and today, complimenting Love Quest. I never get tired of hearing from readers, whether they like my writing or not. Writing’s a solitary craft, and it’s nice to have feedback once in a while.

Enjoy your Saturday night, all.

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