Naughty boy, rainy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

A friend sent me the photo I’ve posted here this morning. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, ’cause I think it’s funny and even a little bit sexy. You know, once in a while a young man has to take matters into his own, uh … hand.

It’s an ugly day outside — windy and rainy and overcast. But I don’t mind. I’m spending the day with a caulk gun and a paint brush in my hands. What fun, eh? I continue to receive huge numbers of visits from fans of Mr. Archuleta. I know he’s cute, but he must have a nice voice or something. Like I said before, I have never watched American Idol. Did he win that competition?

Alright, I need to get to work. The painting project is calling. Caulk gun, where are you? So … have a nice Saturday, all. I hope the weather’s better where you are at.

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