Beautiful skateboarder sends Martin a pic and a comment …

Hi, friends and readers:

Gay skateboarders who write me don’t usually include their photos. This guy did, and he said, “Go ahead, post it. I WANT you to.” He’s cute, isn’t he? Even better, he’s articulate. His name is Evan, he’s seventeen. He did not tell me what city or town he lives in.

Evan explained that he is what is called a “Hessian skater”, which is a sort of free-form style of skating as opposed to “tech skating” which focuses more on competitive technique.

Evan is a high school senior. He is out to most people he knows, does not have a boyfriend (I can’t imagine why.) and he says his skater friends have been “cool” with his announcement last year that he was queer. “No one’s ever given me any crap about being gay and if someone did I’m sure my friends would stick up for me.” He says, “I will apply to U. C. Berkeley for admission next fall. My SAT scores are good. My GPA is 3.8, so I think I have good chance of getting in. I hear the Bay Area has a large gay population, plus there are good skate parks there.”

Thanks for writing, Evan. You seem to be a confident, well-balanced and intelligent guy. I don’t know why so many people think all skateboarders are ignorant punks and social miscreants. Good luck at Berkeley; it’s a great school.

Okay, I got all my errands done and my bag packed. I’ll spend a quiet evening here on the island, doing a little editing and drinking a bit of wine. It’s been a beautiful day weather-wise — warm and sunny with a light breeze. I took a run at 3:30 PM and barely broke a sweat.

Enjoy your Thursday evening, everyone.

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