Evan Geiselman photo, a gift to all you gay surfers out there …

Hi, friends and readers:

A lot of gay surfers  follow this blog; they send me comments, and I always enjoy hearing from them. So, guys, here’s a little gift from Martin: a nice photo of Evan Geiselman, one of the most respected young surfers on the scene today. He’s not on the WCT yet, but he will be soon enough. Evan’s from New Smyrna Beach, FL, not far from Cocoa Beach where I normally surf. He’s good-looking isn’t he?

Well, today is all about getting ready for my Toronto flight tomorrow: doing laundry, going to CVS to buy little “travel size” stuff I can take on the plane, packing, and so forth. Air travel is such a pain in the butt because of the security crap, but Toronto’s 900 miles from Tampa Bay and I will get there in two hours and forty minutes on Air Canada. To drive would take three days, so flying’s the only option.

Okay, I must get busy. Everybody have a nice Thursday, okay?

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