Martin’s in Toronto; it’s cold but the city’s hot …

Hi, friends and readers:

I arrived in Toronto around six P.M., took the shuttle bus to downtown and checked into my hotel. First purchase: a pair of fur-lined leather gloves. I am two blocks from Tornoto’s gay district, it’s called The Village. I walked down there to purchase a six-pack of beer and two bottles of wine and … WHOA, cute guys were everywhere, many holding hands as they strolled down the sidewalk. Everyone here is so friendly. I already love this place.

Okay, it is COLD here, about 20 degrees F, and there’s a bit of a breeze. Everyone is bundled up to the maximum, but it did not stop them from going out tonight, the streets were full of people.

My friend I am visiting, Max, picked me up at the hotel around eight and we enjoyed a fine meal at a restaurant in The Village. The food was excellent and our waiter was cute as hell and so nice. I hated to leave.

Max took me on a driving tour of downtown, then we visited Lake Ontario and actually walked on the boardwalk for about ten minutes. It was freezing, but invigorating. Max is a very sweet young man, quite intelligent. He speaks English, Italian and French fluently.

Max dropped me off at my hotel a few minutes ago and now I am sipping from a beer and looking out my 16th floor window at the Toronto skyline. I can see the CN Tower and all the major buildings. What a beautiful sight. I LOVE traveling to new places I have never been to before, especially when a friend who’s local is there to show me around.

Tomorrow, Max and I will visit High Park and take a hike, then maybe do the Tutankhamen exhibit at the museum. We’ll have dinner at a nice Italian restuaurant downtown that I learned of from friends who come to Toronto often. It’ll be a full day for us.

Okay, I’m going to do a little writing, as I’m a bit keyed up from all the day’s activities and I need to settle down. I’ll post another entry tomorrow evening. I hope your weekend’s going well, everyone.

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