Anyone need a shower? Gloomy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I like photos of cute guys in the shower. Don’t you? Anyone feel like joining him? (Sorry, I don’t have his address.)

I went to bed early last night; I was tired from my travels. I woke this morning to the sound of the garbage guys collecting all the limbs blown off my tree in the storm this past Friday. They hauled away almost everything, saving me a lot of hard work. Thanks, guys!

Yesterday we had nice weather. I went to the beach to watch sunset and it was beautiful down there. But it’s overcast on the island this morning. Our weather’s supposed to turn cold for the next several days. When will this stuff end?

I have a full day ahead: writing, then getting busy on my painting project. I think I can complete the job in two or three afternoons if I stick with it. I’m getting tired of my place looking so disorganized. So … I must go.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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