Hot guys kissing; busy day for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

I always enjoy photos of hot guys kissing, since I believe kissing is one of sexiest things two people can share. Don’t you agree? Thanks for the photo, Uwe. I like it so much I’ve adopted it as my new header for this blog. First time I have changed it in nine months.

I feel like I never stopped today. I made major progress on my Maine story, it’s turning out nicely. That took up my morning. I painted for three hours in the afternoon, nearly finishing my bedroom. Then I drove to the city for an appointment. At 5:30 PM I took a three-mile run. It’s chilly and breezy outside, but the run was pretty good just the same. I bundled up and wore gloves and I was fine.

Now I’m home. I just opened a beer and I have leftovers from last night’s restaurant meal, so I won’t have to cook, just make a salad. Cool!

I received a nice royalty check from one of my publishers, Torquere Press. My novella, Maui, is selling well. And, surprisingly, my novella, Passion Play, continues to sell, even though it’s been on the market for over a year. Here’s the link to purchase Maui:

Actually, you cannot purchase Passion Play at the moment because my contract with Torquere on the story ran out a couple of weeks ago, and it hasn’t been renewed yet. I’ll let everyone know when it available again, probably in a few weeks.

Okay, everybody, enjoy your Thursday night.

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