A guy with sexy lips; Valentine’s Day party on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I haven’t been kissed in a week, since I left my friend in Toronto,  and looking at the photo I’ve posted this evening makes me want to grab a cute guy and plant one on his lovely lips. I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day, right? Time for romance!

Yesterday a neighbor invited me to her home for a Valentine’s Day dinner party, just the neighbors from our block on the island. It’ll be fun. Everyone will bring something to eat and we’ll enjoy a few bottles of wine. It’s been a beautiful, sunny day and I made major progress on my painting project. The master bedroom’s done, now it’s on to the guest bedroom.

It’ll get cold here tonight, in the mid-40s. Time to bundle up and light the fireplace. Again, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Enjoy your evening and give your sweetie a nice, long kiss. It’s important.

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