Sexy guy in boxer briefs; another beautiful day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photo I’ve posted here this morning? He’s one of those guys who should never wear a shirt or pants, I think. (Okay, may he should wear them when he leaves the house. Otherwise …)

I was up early this morning, after a nice evening at my neighbor’s, drinking a little wine and enjoying a fine meal. It’s a beautiful day on the island — sunny, cool, with no wind. I am tempted to skip the YMCA and take a run instead, but I’ll probably drag myself into town. It’s good for me. Self-discipline’s important, right?

I’m getting close to completing the first draft of my Maine story. It’s turned out to be an interesting piece, shorter than my usual stories, but both characters are fully developed. I haven’t decided which publishing house I’ll submit it to, but I think it’ll sell easily.

Okay, I need to get busy, before the morning disappears. Enjoy your Monday, everybody.

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