Nice Goicolea photo; overcast Wednesday; time for the YMCA …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ever hear of Anthony Goicolea? He’s the artist who created the photograph I have posted here this morning. I posted one of his pieces here before, last summer, I believe. If you will look carefully you will see that each of the boys appearing in the photo is the same person. It’s a frequent technique Goicolea uses in his work. I think it’s pretty cool. Do you?

Well, it’s an overcast and foggy day on the island this morning, but we had a nice day yesterday so I’m not going to complain. This afternoon my houseguest and I will visit the YMCA for a workout, a bit of basketball, and a lap-swimming in the nice warm pool. Tonight we will join friends in the city for a few beers and dinner at a restaurant. It’s a Wednesday tradition.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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