Hot guy with sexy lips; nice royalty payments; sunny day on the island

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys have lips that beg to be kissed. Know what I mean? The guy in the photo I’ve posted here this morning falls into that category, in my opinion. What do you think? Nice eyes, too.

I received nice royalty payments yesterday, via PayPal, from Noble Romance Publishing. My novella, Love Quest, is selling briskly, and the Spank Me Once anthology, which includes my story, Serving Lisa, continues to sell quite well, despite the fact it’s been on the market nearly a year. Here’s a link to the Noble Romance if you are interested in buying either item:

It’s cool and sunny on the island today, so I plan to do yard work this afternoon while the weather’s cooperating. Last night my houseguest and I walked to the beach to watch sunset and it was cold down there. But the sunset was beautiful: lots of pinks, greens and golds.

I plan to take a run this afternoon if the wind’s not blowing too hard. Lately that’s been the case more days than not. I’m beginning to detest El Nino. Will our warm weather ever return?

Okay, I need to work on my writing project, so … have a nice Saturday, all.

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