Great concert last night; hungover this morning …

Hi, friends and readers:

At some point I will start acting my age, but I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon.

Last night my friends and I had a great time at the speed metal concert. We missed the first band but we saw the other four and two, especially, were excellent: Prong and Soulfly. Excellent guitarists and drummers. Nice compositions. It was well worth the time and money, and the venue sold Budweiser on draft for three dollars a cup.

Now, I’m rarely around the black t-shirt, tattoo, piercings, and weird facial hair crowd. But I’ll say this: everyone was friendly and well-behaved. No fights, even in the mosh pit. This was a small theater and I would guess there were 250 people present, so it was quite intimate. Most people were either in their late teens or early-to-mid twenties. It was fun. Even though speed metal is not something I listen to, I found myself getting into the music right away. Like travel, live music is one of those things that almost always enriches my life, and I’ve made a resolution to go to more concerts in the future.

Okay, my house guest and I did not get to bed until the wee hours and then we slept until noon today. (I know, I’m worthless.) I plan to do a little writing this afternoon and maybe take a walk on the beach. Then I’ll take a run around five PM. Right now I need another cup of coffee ….

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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