Two guys kissing; gloomy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Every time I post a photo of two guys kissing I receive a ton of positive comments, almost always asking for more. So, here’s one I am sure you’ll all enjoy. (Does the guy on the left have braces on his teeth?)

In my last post I mentioned a Netflix rental I planned to watch titled Were The World Mine. I viewed it last night and it was quite good. If you like Shakespeare and handsome boys kissing, then you’ll love this film.

I’ll admit it, I don’t like most of the films put out by the major studios these days. I don’t like action films, animated films, chick flicks, remakes, or sex comedies. I like films about real people living ordinary lives, and these are few and far between. Were The World Mine is exactly the type of movie I enjoy seeing.

It’s a gloomy day on the island. It’s warm, but humid and overcast, and we’re supposed to get rain late this afternoon. I have yard work to do, and I need to clean my car, so I guess I need to get busy.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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